In 2016 we added another service to our growing catalogue; formulation and regulatory consulting

As we grew in popularity we began to notice a trend, independent companies that were ready to scale-up would come to us with their current packaging and formulations. Too often we would discover multiple failures to comply with current cosmetic regulations, whether it be labelling errors (ex. ingredient omissions) or simple negligence. We get it, regulations are not easy to navigate, especially for small entrepreneurs with no formal training in the industry. Failing to comply with health regulations not only leaves a brand open to possible recalls but also substantial legal liability. We realized that we could help. 

Our formulation and regulatory consulting service is geared towards brands that  want to keep manufacturing themselves or are looking for a second option on their current practices. Through this service we ensure labelling guidelines and regulatory limits are met, proper documentation for each product is kept and batch testing practices are put in place. We also provide laboratory testing services (both stability and challenge testing) to ensure preservations systems can meet the pressure of consumer use. It is a legal requirement that cosmetics put on the market are safe and, while independent brands always mean well, lack of experience can lead to safety and regulatory concerns. We’re here lend our expertise and ensure future success.

While we do offer fully comprehensive audits, our most popular service is our "regulatory report" where we highlight the current regulatory shortcomings of a product line in a concise document form. This simple, budget conscious solution gives our clients the information they need to remedy any challenges currently facing their brand.